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Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems Laboratory (CIMS)

Location:HW 1-4 Tel:3917 5368
Director:Dr. H.H. Cheung Manager:Dr. Leith K.Y. Chan and Mr. W.K. Leung


The Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMs) laboratory houses a range of advanced digital equipment, including high speed graphics workstations and CAD/CAM systems, optical scanners, rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing / 3D printing) machines, CNC machines, laser cutting and engraving machines, and ICT and simulation tools.  It supports teaching and research in design and manufacturing, particularly in the areas of:

  • Virtual prototyping and virtual manufacturing for rapid product development
  • Cloud-based design and manufacturing
  • Multi-material additive manufacturing
  • Direct digital manufacturing
  • Automatic identification and data acquisition in manufacturing
  • Process planning and concurrent engineering
  • Collaborative manufacturing and engineering
  • Flexible and agent-based intelligent manufacturing
  • Production planning for green manufacturing
  • Enterprise resource planning