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HKU-ZIRI Laboratory for Physical Internet

Location:CB LG-108 Tel:3917 4298
Director:Prof. George G.Q. Huang Manager:Dr. Leith K.Y. Chan and Mr. Jack K.W. Wong


The HKU-ZIRI Laboratory for Physical Internet (pi-Lab) focuses on the integration of logistics and supply chain management into advanced digital enterprise solutions. The Lab is established with a close collaboration between the IMSE Department of the Faculty of Engineering at HKU and Zhejiang governments. The key R&D activities would be conducted at the p-Lab within the HKU campus while more applied efforts at the p-Lab at the HKU-ZIRI site in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province. In addition to the substantial funding from Zhejiang governments, the p-Lab will also be supported financially through RGC GRF and ITF grants as well as industrial sponsorships.

The p-Lab devotes itself to research, development and innovation related to the Physical Internet, which aims to achieve efficiency and sustainability of global supply chains and logistics systems. The Lab focuses on the integrated system that ubiquitously connects physical objects with digital networks and enables self-control of objectives through networks. Some key R&D activities of the Lab are listed as follows:

  • Smart object and gateway technologies enabled by ubiquitous technologies
  • Service-oriented platform for warehouse information management
  • Service-oriented platform for fleet information management
  • Service-oriented platform for manufacturing information management
  • Real-time decision support systems for manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management
  • Information integration and exchange management among enterprise information systems.

The Lab seeks to establish strategic collaboration with industrial associations in both Pearl River Delta and Changjiang Delta regions through collaborative projects following previous successful cases implemented in recent years.