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Research Laboratory for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM)

Location:HW 8-23 Tel:3917 2579
Director:Dr. F.N. Zhang Manager:Dr. Leith K.Y. Chan


The Research Lab for Supply Chain Management applies quantitative methodologies to deliver efficient solutions in supply chain management. One focus of the Lab is supply chain strategies, which includes

  • Designing and optimizing global supply chains,
  • Developing competitive advantage through outsourcing and collaboration,
  • Coordinating various parties in these supply chains.

Other areas, such as

  • Procurement, production and transportation planning,
  • Inventory and revenue management,
  • Equipment, workforce and event scheduling,

are also expertise of the Lab. A primary feature of the Lab is to address the practical issues including uncertainty and ambiguity raised in these problems. The work has broad applications in various industries such as manufacturing, retailing, logistics, finance and health care.