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Knowledge Exchange

The Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering Club (SCALE Club) is a key constituent component of knowledge exchange and technology transfer the Department. The Club is operated with a membership scheme as a business consortium. The membership is open to businesses involved in supply chain and logistics engineering in the broadest sense.

Practically all areas of the Logistics spectrum are invited to represent in the Club. Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Academics, Students, Carriers, Personal Effects Movers and other individuals and organizations to form our core. With an emphasis on commercial experience and expertise we will be the lead platform for the development of Logistics in the region and work with our members, government, organizations and professionals in raising the profile and expertise through a range of activities.

Like most professional bodies, the SCALE emphasizes a commitment to ongoing education and encourages performance consistent with a generally agreed body of knowledge or standards. Members of our Society are recognized as members of a professional body through the work we continue to perform.

Club Vision / Goals

The Center seeks to foster close collaboration with industry and government partners to promote fundamental research, develop innovative solutions for large-scale problems, and provide education in the areas of Supply Chain and Logistics Management and through:

  • Industry and government sponsored projects involving development of new systems and technologies to support industry and government needs;
  • Conferences and Workshops, both on campus and at industry locations;
  • Evaluation and dissemination of new models for Supply Chain and Logistics Management and Engineering
  • To promote professional development of Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  • To serve as a resource centre for its members and parties interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
  • To serve as a resource centre and focal point that demonstrably reinforces Hong Kong as a regional Logistics and trans-shipment hub; and
  • To advance, study and disseminate techniques and applications on Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Club Mission

We will provide state-of-the-art research and education programs with a focus on developing innovative modeling and solution methods for real world supply chain and logistics coordination and control problems. We will work with industry and government agency partners to provide value through focused research and development projects in supply chain management and engineering. Our goals are to provide:

  • Basic and applied research in supply chain management and logistics management and engineering
  •  Conferences, workshops, and seminars, on campus or at industry locations, for educating participants and for communicating research results
  •  New education programs for improving engineering curricula at both undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Publication of Center technical reports and newsletters to provide affiliates and others with research and program information It also serves as a talent pool backing up by our renowned alumni, as well as new blood from fresh graduate. Which include undergraduate, master and PhD qualification.
  • Introducing various logistics, not only limited to logistics, industries operation to student by field trips and/or internship engagement to be arranged.


SCALE membership is open to public for all supply chain and logistics engineering industrialist, employee or interested individual. SMEs and Multi-National conglomerate are welcome to join us. Registered and confirmed members will be able to download selected publications and presentations by researchers in the center. You also receive our newsletter and announcements for major activities. Join us today to profit from our vast educational offerings as well as the reservoir of knowledge gained from the researches carried out by the Professors in the research centers.

Leading industrialist, practitioner and IMSE/HKU alumni are mostly welcome to nominate potential businesses to become the Club members. Please click to download the membership form.