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Research Overview

The Department has been elevating its research capabilities with a vision to achieve the highest standards of research and scholarship in the fields of industrial engineering, supply chain and logistics engineering for the advancement and the well-being of the community at large. Research activities are focused around critical masses of Supply Chain And Logistics Engineering (SCALE) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

The Department encourages staff to collaborate with academics worldwide and with industrial partners in Greater China on fundamental and applied research. The Department has supported editorial leaderships of our colleagues with leading international journals. In recent years, our colleagues have led the organization of multiple international conferences on logistics and supply chain management, industrial engineering and digital enterprise technologies.

In addition to the abovementioned research activities, the Department is actively engaged in knowledge exchange endeavor with enterprises and industrial partners through applied research projects. Some of these R&D projects involved close collaborations with companies including DHL, Hong Kong International Terminals, Cathay Pacific Service Limited, SF-Express, Hong Kong Air Cargo Limited, Asia Air Freight Company Limited, MTRC Corporation, etc. focusing on service improvement, process redesign and re-engineering, operation and capacity planning, resource management, assessment and qualification of service systems with significant impact to industry and community at large. Some of the research outputs have now been applied in collaborating companies for daily operations, resulting in significant benefits. The Department has been consolidating collaborative research network to form a research consortium with local and international academic institutions, research centers and industrial partners. Through strategic engagement and a greater degree of cooperation with industries, businesses and the community, authentic problems for motivating theoretical research are generated and emerging research opportunities are captured to create new knowledge.