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Honorary Appointments

Prof. E. Ballot Visiting Professor
Dr. R.S. Bhamra Visiting Associate Professor
Prof. Ir. Daniel M. Cheng Adjunct Professor
Prof. M.T. Cheung Senior Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Fellow
Mr. Herman W.C. Chiu Honorary Lecturer
Mr. Wilson Chow Part-Time Teacher
Dr. L.K. Chu Honorary Associate Professor


3917 2590


HW 8-27

Prof. K.K. Lai Honorary Professor
Dr. Henry Y K Lau Honorary Associate Professor

Dr. Victor H.Y. Lo Honorary Lecturer
Mr. D.C. Meyer Part-Time Teacher
Dr. Stephen W.K. Ng Part-Time Teacher
Mr. D. Sculli Honorary Associate Professor
Dr. M. Song Honorany Associate Professor
Ir. Dr. Paul Tsui Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Simon C.W. Wong Part-Time Teacher