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15 JUN 2023 Seminar

Supply Management & Ethical Decision Making: Behavioral Experiments

Professor Xenophon Koufteros

Professor Xenophon Koufteros

Supply managers and executives are under direct pressure to perform. Top management and external constituents expect supply management to reduce spend in order to bolster profitability. Thus, they may institute a compensation structure that motivates supply managers and executives to contain spend. To exacerbate the situation, supply managers and executives may get tempted to stray from ethical behavior due to the large amount of money they handle and due to lucrative but often unethical actions by sales personnel. This research uses a lab experiment approach to examine whether the reward structure (i.e., beneficiary - Mazar et al. 2008; Umphress et al. 2010; Gino et al. 2013, and timing – O’Donoghue & Rabin 2000; Strathman et al., 1994; Loewenstein & Prelec, 1992) and other salient factors (such as context, motivation, and personal characteristics) have an effect on ethical behavior. Detailed results will be discussed regarding this experiment as well as a longitudinal experiment which monitored behavior over 10 episodes spread over 10 weeks. This latter experiment reveals the dynamic nature of subject behavior, which is characterized by a rather switching behavior.

Short Biography:
Xenophon Koufteros is a full Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Mays Business School, Texas A & M University where he also holds the Jenna & Calvin R. Guest Professorship in Business and the Eppright University Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence. He also serves as the Director of the Supply Chain Consortium at the Mays Business School. Prof. Koufteros has published over 56 articles in refereed journals including Decision Sciences Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Structural Equations Modeling, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, and International Journal of Production Economics amongst others. He was recently placed in the top 2% of scholars worldwide in terms of his impact in the field of supply chain management Dr. Koufteros is currently serving as a co-editor-in-Chief of Decision Sciences Journal. Prof. Koufteros also served as Associate Editor of Decision Sciences Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, and Journal of Business Logistics. He received multiple times the Best Associate Editor Award for the Journal of Operations Management and for the Journal of Supply Chain Management, and the Best Empirical Paper Award for Decision Sciences Journal. He is also a member of the editorial board for Production & Operations Management, Structural Equation Modeling: An Interdisciplinary Journal and Educational & Psychological Measurement. He currently conducts research in sourcing decisions when ethical considerations are invoked. His recent studies are behavioral in nature and involve an experimental methodology. His prior work addressed integration issues in the realm of supply chain management with a product development and innovation focus. One of his manuscripts in this area is the second most downloaded (16,685 times) paper ever for the Decision Sciences Journal and it is the 15th most cited paper ever for the journal over a 50 year span. In 2012 he was ranked as one of the World’s Top Innovation Management Scholars.

Prof. Koufteros teaches courses across all levels and he received numerous teaching awards including the Distinguished Achievement Award – Teaching, at the University level, and at the Mays Business School - Texas A&M University, Association of Former Students. In 2018, he was designated as Poets & Quants’ Top 50 Undergraduate Business Professors, a global recognition. In 2019, he received the Wickham Skinner Teaching Award from the POM Society for Teaching Innovation. In 2020, he was awarded the Eppright University Professorship in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence. In 2022, he received the EMBA Class of 2022 – Dr. Arvind Mahajan Faculty Excellence Award. He also received several awards for his service to the profession and students, such as the Distinguished Achievement Award – Individual Student Relationships, at the University level, Association of Former Students, Texas A & M University.


15 June 2023 (Thursday)




Professor Xenophon Koufteros


HW 8-28

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