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16 FEB 2022 Seminar

Managing and modeling the shared and automated mobility service

Mr. ZHANG Zhuoye

Mr. ZHANG Zhuoye


Shared and automated mobility services are expected to lead the next paradigm shift in the field of transportation. Through resources sharing and automation control technologies, they may have the potential to shape the travelers’ behaviors, improve the equality of the mobility service and result in a sustainable transportation system. While the benefits and issues associated with their introduction are still being critically evaluated and explored. In this research project, we aim to provide managerial and operational insights for the shared automated mobility from both strategic and operational levels considering the complex trade-off between travelers, mobility service operators and administrative departments and the features of the new emerging technologies. We firstly examine the prevalent ride-pooling service with differentiated pooling sizes (the number of passengers to share one vehicle) under endogenous congestion, and the results suggest the differentiated pooling size might benefit the travelers, service operator and social welfare. Then, we extend the model to the field of shared autonomous vehicles, the autonomous parking behaviors are investigated under the mixed flow of private autonomous vehicles (PAVs) and shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs). The system network performance and SAVs service operation strategies are examined. Moreover, we also explore the application of AVs in the field of the sharing economy. The potential application of AVs in freight delivery and parking sharing is expected to be investigated. The findings might enhance the understanding of shared automated services’ application and operation in reality. 






Mr. ZHANG Zhuoye


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