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19 APR 2024 Newsletter

IMSE Students Explore World-Class Cathay Cargo Terminal: Gaining Valuable Insights into Hong Kong's Air Cargo and Logistics Industry

Group photo

Group photo

Hong Kong’s role as the world’s busiest air cargo hub has had a tremendous impact on the logistics field, driving the growth of related industries and significantly contributing to the city’s economy. With its strategic location and advanced infrastructure, Hong Kong has become an indispensable link in global supply chains.

As a key air cargo operator, Cathay Cargo operates an impressive fleet of 20 Boeing 747 freighters, including six 747-400ERFs and 14 747-8F freighters. Additionally, they utilize cargo space on the Cathay Pacific’s 180+ passenger aircraft. In 2023, Cathay Cargo transported over 1,381,000 tonnes of cargo.

Notably, the state-of-the-art Cathay Cargo Terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) commenced operations on February 21, 2013. This remarkable facility stands as one of the largest and most sophisticated terminals in the world, significantly enhancing air cargo handling capacity and solidifying Hong Kong’s position as the premier international airfreight hub.

On April 19, 2024, a group of IMSE students had an invaluable opportunity to visit the Cathay Cargo Terminal. During the tour, the students had a first-hand understanding of the cutting-edge facilities at the terminal, which spans a site area of 109,000 sqm and has a gross floor area of 246,000 sqm, with a designed annual capacity of 2.7 million tonnes.

The terminal’s Materials Handling System (MHS) is the backbone of its efficient cargo movement. The installation of an uninterrupted power supply ensures 99.9% system reliability, while specially designed routing logic enables system availability under all circumstances. Moreover, the facility is equipped with a container storage system that offers 2,445 positions and a bulk storage system with 4,224 positions. Additionally, the terminal features advanced temperature-controlled storage facilities for the safe handling of temperature sensitive cargo. With 170 truck docks and 59 truck parking positions, the terminal facilitates a smooth and efficient flow of air cargo operations.

Thanks to Cathay Cargo Terminal’s expertise and exceptional facilities, the visit did provide the students with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the fascinating logistic industry.


April 19, 2024 (Friday)


Cathay Cargo Terminal

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