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11 MAY 2022 Seminar

Data analytics for IoT-enabled smart construction management

Ms. YANG Yishu

Ms. YANG Yishu

The construction industry is one of the largest in the world’s economy and it promotes economic activity in a variety of industries. As one of the industries with the largest economic spillovers, however, construction is significantly less productive compared to other industries. Taking action in some areas (improving procurement and supply chain management; improving onsite execution; infusing digital technologies, new materials and advanced automation) has been shown to increase construction productivity. As the industry adapts to new computer technology in both hardware and software, a large amount of computerized construction data becomes available. Effective use and analysis of these data into useful knowledge can improve the performance of the construction project. Implementing IT solutions to address the challenges of the construction industry requires a special and industry adaptation effort to generate investment value. This research focuses on IoT-enabled smart construction management, especially supply chain management and on-site construction management. The research attempts to build an industry-adapted data analysis framework according to different data characteristics.






Ms. YANG Yishu

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