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30 JAN 2024 Newsletter

Centralized Administration Hub at Faculty Office



To:   All Undergraduate Students in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


With effect from February 1, 2024, the Faculty Office will take over the administrative support services for Undergraduate students previously handled by Departments. The objective is to enhance student experience through one-stop service, single interface and higher efficiency.

The scope of administrative support to be handled by Faculty Office will include the following:

  1. Course enrollment
  • Special Approval on Course Enrollment (after Add / Drop period)
  • Special Approval due to Insufficient Prerequisite
  • Special Approval due to Quota Limitation
  1. Examination matters
  • Checking of Assessment Results
  1. Other applications
  • Application for Credit Overload / Underload
  • Application for Exemption from Taking Chinese Language Course
  • Application for Advance Standing
  • Application for Credit Transfer (for Student Exchange Programme)
  • Application for Leave of Absence
  • Application for Withdrawal of Study

In addition, students should approach the Faculty Office in future should they have any enquiries on academic procedures or administrative matters.

Please visit the Faculty website for contact details of the new Centralized Administration Hub and to locate useful resources.


Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

January 30, 2024


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