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21 APR 2023 Newsletter

An enriching experience to understand firsthand the scale and complexity of the air cargo industry in Hong Kong

Group photo

Group photo

Hong Kong’s position as the world's busiest air cargo hub, handling over 4 million tonnes of cargo annually, has been vital in driving the city's economy. The air cargo industry has contributed significantly to the Hong Kong's GDP and has been instrumental in developing related industries such as logistics, transportation, and aviation. As a major global independent air cargo handler, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL) operates at the Hong Kong International Airport to provide air cargo handling services for different logistics carriers.

On April 21, a group of IMSE students had the opportunity to visit HACTL's flagship air cargo facility, SuperTerminal 1. During the visit, the students were introduced to HACTL's rich history, businesses, innovation, and experience in the air cargo industry. The terminal tour provided the students with an opportunity to observe the state-of-the-art air cargo facility, which is equipped with more than 10,000 computer-controlled storage positions. The facility is capable of handling up to 3.5 million tonnes of air cargo a year.

The visit also facilitated fruitful discussions between HACTL and the students, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of HACTL's operations and its contribution to the air cargo industry in Hong Kong.

Overall, the visit was an enriching experience that allowed the students to understand firsthand the scale and complexity of the air cargo industry in Hong Kong.


21 April 2023 (Friday)





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