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13 APR 2023 Newsletter

A visit for first-hand insights into one of the world's renowned container ports

Group photo

Group photo

On April 13, 2023, IMSE students had the opportunity to visit Hongkong International Terminals (“HIT”), the leading terminal operator in the Port of Hong Kong, which is one of the busiest container ports in the world. Situated in Kwai Tsing, HIT plays a key role in the development of Hong Kong as both a gateway to South China and an important transhipment hub.

During the visit, the host provided a detailed tour of HIT and shared with us the global network of Hutchison Ports, including its range of businesses, infrastructure development, and scale of operations. The students gained a deeper understanding of the history of HIT, its latest development, and how technologies facilitate processes and enhance the terminal's efficiency. The tour provided an opportunity for us to exchange ideas and raise some interesting discussions about the challenges facing the maritime logistics industry and the potential solutions available. Overall, the IMSE students received a knowledge exchange opportunity, allowing them to gain first-hand insights into one of the world's renowned container ports.


13 April 2023 (Thursday)




Hongkong International Terminals

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