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Academic Staff

Dr. Henry Y.K. Lau

Associate Professor

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2857 8255


HW 8-15


Henry Lau specializes in intelligent automation, virtual reality, computer-based modeling and simulation. His research interest includes artificial intelligence, in particular, artificial immune systems (AIS), automated material handling, immersive virtual reality, system analysis and design. In addition, Henry is also interested in the design and evaluation of automated material handling systems such as automated warehouses using computer simulation, VR solutions including the imseCAVE that is developed with researchers at the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Prior to joining The University of Hong Kong in 1997, Dr. Lau has been working in industry as a Senior System Engineer at the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and the AEA Technology plc. specializing in tele-robotics systems and advanced automation systems for the nuclear industry. While working in UK, Henry was a Visiting College Lecturer at Brasenose College, Oxford University teaching Engineering Science students.

Dr. Lau is also the Warden of University Hall, The University of Hong Kong

Teaching Interests

  • Industrial Management and Logistics
  • Systems Automation
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Systems Modeling and Simulation

Research Interests


  • Ko TH and Lau HYK (2015) A responsive framework for optimal advertising policy in the digital music market. Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information, 4(1): 34 – 40.
  • Yu Chuhang and Lau HYK (2015) Airport gate reassignment based on the optimization of transfer passenger connections. Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, 3(1): 25–30.
  • Wong EYC, Tai AH, Lau HYK, Raman, M. (2015) An utility-based decision support sustainability model in slow steaming maritime operations. Transportation Research Part E, 78: 57 – 69.
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  • Yu CH and Lau HYK (2013) AIS-based algorithm for solving vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pick-up and delivery (VRP-SPD), Journal of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, 1(2): 174–178.
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  • Qiu X and Lau HYK (2013) An AIS-based hybrid algorithm with PDRs for multi-objective dynamic online job shop scheduling problem, Applied Soft Computing, 13(3): 1340–1351.
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