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Academic Staff

Dr. F. N. Zhang

Assistant Professor


3917 7720


HW 8-3


Dr. Fangni Zhang is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at The University of Hong Kong. Dr. Zhang received her PhD degree in Transportation from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Beihang University, China. Prior to joining HKU, she held Lecturer positions at University of New South Wales and University of Leeds. Dr. Zhang’s research covers a wide range of fundamental and emerging issues in transport, including multimodal transport system modelling and optimization, shared and automated transport management, high-speed rail and air transport interactions, and wider economic impacts of transport. Her research draws tools from different disciplines such as network modeling, economic theory, traffic flow theory, operations research, and data science and has been published in leading journals and conferences in the field (e.g., Transportation Research Part A/B/C/D/E and ISTTT).

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Research Interests

  • Multimodal transport modeling and optimization
  • Automated and shared mobility service management
  • High-speed rail and aviation systems modeling
  • Transport Economics
  • Transport data analytics

Opportunities for Research

PhD and MPhil positions: Students with B.S. or M.S. in Industrial Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Operations Research, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, or related fields are welcome to apply. Please send me your CV and academic transcripts, and indicate your research interests.

Postdoc and visiting research positions: I welcome expressions of interest in collaborations in any of the above areas. Please send me your CV for inquiry.

Selected Publications

Zhang, F., Liu, W., Wang, X., Yang, H. (2020) Parking sharing problem with spatially distributed parking supplies. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, forthcoming.

Wei, B., Saberi, M., Zhang, F., Liu, W., Waller, S.T. (2020) Modeling and managing ridesharing in a multi-modal network with an aggregate traffic representation: a doubly dynamical approach. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, forthcoming.

Zhang, F., Graham, D.J. (2020) Air transport and economic growth: A review of the impact mechanism and causal relationships. Transport Reviews, 40(4), 506-528.

Zhang, F., Liu, W. Responsive bus dispatching strategy in a multi-modal and multi-directional transportation system: a doubly dynamical approach. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 113, 21-37.

Wu, W., Zhang, F., Liu, W., Lodewijks, G. (2020) Modelling the traffic in a mixed network with autonomous-driving expressways and non-autonomous local streets. Transportation Research Part E, 101855.

Wu, W., Wang, M., Zhang, F. (2019) Commuting Behavior and Congestion Satisfaction: Evidence from Beijing, China. Transportation Research Part D, 67, 553-564.

Zhang, F., Graham, D.J., Wong, M. (2018) Quantifying the substitutability and complementarity between high-speed rail and air transport. Transportation Research Part A, 118, 191-215.

Zhang, F., Zheng, N., Yang, H., Geroliminis, N. (2018) A systematic analysis of multimodal transport systems with road space distribution and responsive bus service. Transportation Research Part C, 96, 208-230.

Liu, W., Li, X, Zhang, F., Yang, H. (2017) Interactive travel choices and traffic forecast in a doubly dynamical system with user inertia and information provision. Transportation Research Part C, 85, 711-731.

Zhang, F., Liu, W., Wang, X., Yang, H. (2017) A new look at the morning commute with household shared-ride: How does school location play a role? Transportation Research Part E, 103, 198-217.

Liu, W., Zhang, F., Yang, H. (2017) Modeling and managing morning commute with both household and individual travels. Transportation Research Part B, 103, 227-247.

Wang, W.W., Wang, D.Z., Zhang, F., Sun, H., Zhang, W. and Wu, J. (2017) Overcoming the Downs-Thomson Paradox by transit subsidy policies. Transportation Research Part A, 95, 126-147.

Zhang, F., Lindsey, R. and Yang, H. (2016) The Downs–Thomson paradox with imperfect mode substitutes and alternative transit administration regimes. Transportation Research Part B, 86, 104-127.

Zhang, F., Yang, H., Liu, W. (2014) The Downs-Thomson Paradox with responsive transit service. Transportation Research Part A, 70, 244-263.

Liu, W., Yang, H., Yin, Y., Zhang, F. (2014) A novel permit scheme for managing parking competition and bottleneck congestion. Transportation Research Part C, 44, 265-281.

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