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Systems Automation Laboratory (SAL)

Location:CB LG-206 Tel:2857 8256
Director:Dr. Henry Y.K. Lau and Dr. J.W. Wang Manager:Mr. Jack K.W. Wong


The laboratory provides robots and computer facilities for the teaching and research in the field of artificial intelligent, automatic control, intelligent systems, robotics and automation.

Below are some major research projects of the research team.

  • Artificial intelligence and optimal decision support systems
  • Redundant robot control and real-time motion planning
  • Human robot interaction and control
  • Machine learning, computer vision and automatic control
  • Redundant robot kinematic and dynamic control
  • Automation system design and simulation


Robots and Devices

Staubli RX130 Robot

RX130 Robot and Modular Re-configurable Conveyors

5-DOF Redundant Planar Robot

  • Mitsubishi PA-10 – A 7-DOF redundant electric robot re-designed with direct drive motors control systems that can be parallel controlled
  • Staubli RX130 industrial robot
  • Barrett Technology 7-DOF cable driven WAM Robot
  • 5-DOF highly redundant planar robot
  • Adapt 4-DOF vision controlled SCARA robots
  • Nomad autonomous guided vehicles
  • Modular reconfigurable conveyor systems
  • CyberGrasp for reflecting data grove for teleoperation
  • CyberGlove data grove for teleoperation
  • 6-DOF Phantom haptic input device
  • 3-DOF Phantom haptic input device
  • 3-DOF force sensitive Barratt Hand
  • Omni-wheel self-balancing robot
  • Hydraulic motion platform