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08 MAR 2021 Seminar

The Optimization Design for Disinfection Robot

Mr. Kwok Chun

Mr. Kwok Chun

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic. Over 100 millions of people have infected. Many studies have indicated that COVID-19 can be viable on the surface over days. People can be infected by touching contaminated surfaces. This becomes a major health threat in public facilities such as public libraries, sports arena and public transport. Therefore, it is critical to effectively disinfecting the surfaces which are often contacted by the users.

We propose to produce and test a UV based surface disinfection system that the UV light source is mounted on a mobile robot. A new intelligent trajectory planning method will be developed for robot. The robot can be programmed autonomously and be able to bring the UV light source to the centimetres away from target surface to achieve effective and efficient surface disinfection. To perform near-surface irradiation of UV, the mobile robotics arm has to be able to move along the curvature of the surface and maintain proper distance away. Given that UV light can be dangerous to humans, sensors are installed into the robot to detect human motion and presence.

The main research contents are as follow:
1. The structure of robot will be designed with Solidworks. The strength of body structure, velocity will be analyzed based on finite element analysis with Adams.
2. Kinematics algorithm based on the three wheels platform will be provided to realize the robotics platform can move omnidirectionally.
3. Intelligent trajectory planner base on the robotics arm and platform will be developed base on the motion study and kinematics algorithm.


March 8,2021



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