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08 MAR 2021 Seminar

Supply Chain Management in Prefabricated Construction: A Review

Miss Yang Yishu

Miss Yang Yishu


Prefabricated construction has become a research hot spot in recent years due to its potential to improve the efficiency of capital utilization, optimize the structure of existing industrial chain, and improve the pollution of the building environment. Supply chain management (SCM), as the key to successful deliver prefabricated construction projects, is the focus of many recent studies. Although these studies have greatly promoted the management of prefabricated supply chain, a comprehensive analysis of summarizing recent research, identifying research gaps and providing information for future research needs is still missing in this field. This paper adopts a systematic literature review methodology to classify existing research, so as to determine the current research focus, reveal the research gaps, and discuss the future development direction of prefabricated building supply chain management. From an initial search result of 198 papers, 98 were included in the detailed analysis. The papers are described in terms of descriptive analysis and thematic analysis. Five dimensions are included in the descriptive analysis: publication year, Geographic locations, published journal, key researchers and keywords in the papers. In-depth analysis is carried out from business processes and key support systems to reveal the current research focus of the prefabricated construction supply chain and explore the possible future research directions.


March 8,2021


2:10 pm

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