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25 JAN 2016 Seminar

Series of Dept Research Seminars - “Design Informatics in Consumer-centric Product Design" (Date: 2 March 2016)

Professor Chun-Hsien Chen

Professor Chun-Hsien Chen

Our speaker professor Chun-Hsien Chen would like to share with us on "Design Informatics in Consumer-centric Product Design".

Abstract: Understanding and fulfilling each individual customer’s requirements has been recognized as a pressing challenge for companies across industries. Apart from offering market-focused products, which corresponds to an average satisfaction of customer requirements, companies are pursuing a strategy of offering customer-focused products with a large degree of individuality. Customer requirement management thus becomes one of principal factors for product development to succeed in the marketplace. Poor understanding of customer requirements and inaccurate assumptions made during the elicitation and analysis of requirement information have significant negative implications on design and manufacturing of the product in terms of quality, the lead time and cost. Traditionally, consumer market research has been performed to provide direction and support for product development functions. However, due to the increasingly volatile marketplaces where customer requirements change quickly, the needs of customers might have varied from the originally elicited set by the time the products reach the marketplaces. Hence, the recent wide-spread usage of the Internet by consumers for information exchanges has provided a means for product developing companies to elicit real-time consumer intelligence. To tap on the massive amount of information on the Internet, computational toolsets that can extract and analyze customer-related data will be necessary. In this regard, the future relevance of the research in design informatics has attracted academics with various backgrounds, mainly from the domains of computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, product design and innovation, and consumer intelligence. With respect to a holistic view of design informatics in consumer-centric product design, key challenges and future research directions are identified.


2 March 2016 (Wednesday)


14:30 - 16:00



About the Speaker

Chun-Hsien Chen is Associate Professor (tenured), Director of the Design Stream, and Deputy Director of MSc in Smart Product Design Program in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He received his BS degree in Industrial Design from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, MS and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA. He has several years of product design & development experience in the industry. His teaching and research interests are in collaborative/human-centric/consumer-oriented product design and development, knowledge engineering, design sciences, engineering informatics and artificial intelligence in product/engineering design. He has more than 140 publications in these areas.

Prof. Chen has served as a technical reviewer for National Science and Technology Awards (Singapore), National Research Foundation of Korea, and a judge for Pin Up Design Awards (Korea) and WISE Entrepreneurship Competition (Taiwan), an advisory board member (Singapore representative) for ISPE (International Society for Productivity Enhancement) and various international conferences held in USA, Europe, China, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Prof. Chen has been appointed as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Engineering Informatics (ADVEI), a SCI journal published by Elsevier, since January 2013. Besides ADVEI, he is an editorial board member of Recent Patents in Engineering, Heliyon, Journal of Kansei, and Ambient Intelligence and Ergonomics. He is/was a Shanghai Eastern Scholar (appointed by Shanghai Maritime University as an Eastern Chair Professor, 2011 – 2014), a Guess Professor of Tianjin University (since 2013), a Visiting Professor of National Cheng Kung University (2011), a Guest Professor of Shanghai Maritime University (since 2006), and Chaoyang University of Technology (2008 – 2010).


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