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03 JUN 2019 Seminar

Energy Management in a Smart, Energy-Positive Public Lighting System

Prof. Jozsef Vancza

Prof. Jozsef Vancza


The integration of renewable energy sources and the optimal management of the resulting energy system is becoming a timely challenge in all application areas, including manufacturing and municipal services as well. This poses various issues for computer science, such as predicting and optimizing the energy flow in the system. This talk investigates these challenges and proposes solution approaches by using a recently developed energy-positive intelligent street lighting system as demonstrative example. The prototype of the lighting system, containing 191 intelligent LED luminaries and 150 m2 active PV surface area, has been providing daily public lighting service at a research campus of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for more than 4 years now. An outlook will also be given to a broader context by investigating the problem of tariff optimization for demand response management in smart grids.

Short Bio: József Váncza is Head of the Research Laboratory of Engineering and Management Intelligence at the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI) of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA). He received his MSc in electrical engineering (1984) and PhD in mechanical engineering (1994). His research interest includes computational intelligence, advanced planning in production and energy management, robotics, and has special interest in cooperative and sustainable production. He has been lecturing for three decades at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics where he is Associate Professor at the Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. He is Fellow of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), and Chair of the Scientific Technical Committee on Production Systems and Organizations (STC O). In Hungary, he is Vice President of the John von Neumann Computer Society and represents the engineering sciences in the Council of the Academic Research Centers of MTA. He is in various capacities on the editorial board of five leading international journals. He published over 200 scientific papers that received 3000+ citations.


HW 8-28


Prof. Jozsef Vancza


 3 June 2019 (Monday)


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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