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08 MAR 2021 Seminar

Competition between Different Ride-pooling Platforms with Differential Pooling Size

Mr. Zhang Zhuoye

Mr. Zhang Zhuoye


With the developments of smartphone application and online payment, different types of demand-responsive mobility service platforms have gained increasing popularity in many cities. Besides private sectors (e.g., Uber, Lyft, and Didi Chuxing), some ride-pooling platforms operated by public sectors (e.g., the transit operator) emerged to provide differential ride-pooling services upon passengers’ requests (e.g., shared-van). On one hand, these alternatives could provide differential services for user and have an influence on the user’s choice; on the other hand, different operators may compete for different objectives and adopt counteractive strategies. This study considers a duopoly market with two types of ride-pooling services, characterized by different pooling sizes and pricing strategies. The competition between ride-pooling platforms are modeled by a game-theoretical approach. We consider two types of market regimes where the operators act either simultaneously in a non-cooperative game or sequentially in a leader-follower fashion. In each market regime, we investigate the optimal strategies (e.g., pricing, fleet size and pooling size) of each operator with different objectives, i.e., profit-maximization or system-cost minimization. The results of this study will enhance our understanding of users’ reaction to the new services and provide important insights on the integration and regulation of the market.


March 8,2021


4:05 pm

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