August 20, Track 4 (1700 - 1830)

Chair: Dr. Fajun Yang

Zoom Host: Mr. Liu Xinlai

ThFT4: Scheduling Models for Cluster Tools in Semiconductor Manufacturing

 [100] Modeling, Simulation and Supervisory Control of Semiconductor Manufacturing Cluster Tools with an Equipment Front-End Module

  Cheolhui Hong, Tae-Eog Lee*

 [177] Predictive-Reactive Rescheduling for New Order Arrivals with Optimal Dynamic Pegging 

  Shokraneh K. Moghaddam, Kazuhiro Saitou*

 [230] An Aggregated-Tasks Oriented Manufacturing Services Scheduling Toward Industrial Internet Platforms

  Dongxu Wang, Jiawei Ren, Ying Cheng*, Fei Tao

 [366] Algorithms for External Cluster Tool Scheduling with Total Weighted Tardiness Objective

  Fajun Yang*, Lars Moench

 [369] Reinforcement Learning Approach for Scheduling Dual-Gripper Robotic Cells with Processing Time Variations

  Jun-Ho Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim*

 [376] External Cluster Tool Scheduling: A Literature Survey

  Lars Moench*, Fajun Yang