August 20, Track 2 (1700 - 1830)

Chair:Prof.Qianchuan Zhao

Zoom Host: Mr. Ran Tao

ThFT2: AI enabled Discrete Event Dynamic Systems

 [184] Configuration Design for Make-To-Order Production Considering Individual Order Arrivals and Machine Level Changeovers

  Sihan Huang*, Kazuhiro Saitou

 [226] Constrained Double Deep Q-Learning Network for EVs Charging Scheduling with Renewable Energy

  Fangzhu Ming*, feng gao, kun liu, Jiang Wu, Zhanbo Xu

 [348] Reinforcement Learning for Long-Term Smoothing of Wind Power with Battery Energy Storage Systems

  Zhen Yang, Xiaoteng Ma, Li Xia*, Qianchuan Zhao, Xiaohong Guan

 [361] Efficiently Learning a Distributed Control Policy in Cyber-Physical Production Systems Via Simulation Optimization

  Minjie Zou*, Edward Huang, Birgit Vogel-Heuser

 [61] Fairness Control of Traffic Light Via Deep Reinforcement Learning

  Chenghao Li, Xiaoteng Ma, Li Xia, Qianchuan Zhao, Jun Yang*

 [94] Exploiting Symmetry in Dependency Graphs for Model Reduction in Supervisor Synthesis

  Lars Moormann*, Joanna Maria Van de Mortel-Fronczak, Wan Fokkink, Jacobus E. Rooda