August 20, Track 2 (1530 - 1700)

Chair: Chair: Prof. Tae-Hyoung Park

Zoom Host: Mr. Ran Tao

ThET2: Path Planning and Transportation

 [262] Semantic Segmentation with Improved Edge Detail for Autonomous VehiclesĀ 

  Jae-Seol Lee, Tae-Hyoung Park*

 [267] Intention-Aware Motion Planning with Road Rules

  Jesper Karlsson*, Jana Tumova

 [273] Multi-Agent Strategy Synthesis for LTL Specifications through Assumption Composition

  Georg Friedrich Schuppe*, Jana Tumova

 [274] Aerial Coverage Planning for Areas Hidden from the View of a Moving Ground Vehicle

  Barry James Gilhuly*, Stephen L. Smith

 [283] Learning Dominant Usage from Anomaly Patterns in Building Energy Traces

  Cristina Nichiforov, Grigore Stamatescu*, Iulia Stamatescu, Ioana Fagarasan

 [384] Intersection Platooning for Distributed Conflict Resolution of an AGV Fleet

  Edward Derek Lambert*, Richard Romano, David Watling