Augest 20, Track 4 (1400 - 1700)

Chair: Chair: Prof. Li Zhang

Zoom Host: Mr. Liu Xinlai

ThDT4 &ThET4: Workshop 6 - Design, Development and Automatic Manipulation of Miniature Robots for Biomedical Applications

 [1] Automation of micro- and nanoscale robots/systems

 Prof. Qingsong Xu, University of Macau

 [2] Micro/nano robotic manipulation system for interface characterization and interface inspired micro/nano robot design

  Prof. Yajing Shen, City University of Hong Kong

 [3] Visual servoing and multi-modal locomotion of miniature swimming robots

  Prof. Tiantian Xu, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS

 [4] Magnetic microswarm for targeted delivery

 Prof. Li Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong