August 20, Track 2 (1400 - 1530)

Chair: Mr. Sabino Francesco Roselli

Zoom Host: Mr. Ran Tao

ThDT2: Optimization and Optimal Control II

 [155] Miniature Robot Path Planning for Bridge Inspection: Min-Max Cycle Cover-Based Approach

  Michael Lin, Richard La*

 [187] Learning to Play Cup-And-Ball with Noisy Camera Observations

  Monimoy Bujarbaruah*, Tony Zheng, Akhil Shetty, Martin Sehr, Francesco Borrelli

 [213] Comparison of Exact and Approximate Methods for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

  Elinor Jernheden, Carl Lindström, Rickard Persson, Max Wedenmark, Endre Er?s, Sabino Francesco Roselli*, Knut Akesson

 [30] Adaptive Delay Compensation for Admittance Control of Hydraulic Series Elastic Actuator

  Haoran Zhong, Xinyu Li, Liang Gao*

 [76] Automated Single-Microparticle Patterning System for Micro-Analytics

  Kaicheng Huang, Zhenxi CUI, Ihab Abu Ajamieh, Jiewen Lai, James K. Mills, Henry Chu*

 [79] Optimization Based Path Planning for a Two-Body Articulated Vehicle

  Deyuan Chen, Zhiqiang Yang, Lars Svensson*, Lei Feng