August 20, Track 1 (1400 - 1530)

Chair: Mr. Woraphrut Kornmaneesang

Zoom Host: Mr. Zhiyi Huang

ThDT1: Motion and Path Planning

 [209] Integrating Location-Routing with Task and Motion Planning

  Yazz Warsame*

 [214] Energy-Aware Multi-Goal Motion Planning Guided by Monte Carlo Search

  Yazz Warsame, Stefan Edelkamp, Erion Plaku*

 [257] A Hybrid Motion Planning Algorithm for Multi-Robot Formation in a Dynamic Environment

  Liping Feng,Meng Zhou*,Biao Hu,Zhengcai Cao

 [308] Safe Motion Planning for an Uncertain Non-Holonomic System with Temporal Logic Specification

  Pouria Tajvar*, Fernando S. Barbosa, Jana Tumova

 [370] Time-Optimal S-Curve Motion Planning for a Tool Path with Multiple Surfaces

  Woraphrut Kornmaneesang*, Shyh-Leh Chen

 [96] A Parallel Algorithm Combining Improved-Connect-RRT and JPS with Closed-Operation

  Qianyi Zhang, Lei Zhou, Yingli Zhao, Rui Cao, Jingtai Liu*