August 20, Track 4 (1130 - 1300)

Chair: Mr. SaiFei Chen

Zoom Host: Mr. Mingxing Li

ThCT4: Automation for Transportation

 [101] Bi-Modal Traffic Management Integrating Perimeter Control and Regional Bus Service Frequency Setting

  SaiFei Chen*, Naiqi Wu, Hui Fu, Yan Qiao, YeFei Wang

 [182] Forward and Backward Motion Planning for Autonomous Parking Using Smooth-Feedback Bidirectional Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees* with Pattern Cost Penalty

  Jyun-Hao Jhang, Feng-Li Lian*, Yu-Hsiang Hao

 [194] Learning Multi-Agent Communication with Policy Fingerprints for Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

  Yifan Zhao, Gangyan Xu*, Yali Du, Meng Fang

 [204] Simulation Optimization for Arterial Coordinated Control: A Parallel Transportation System Method

  Huangqing Guo, Feng Chen*

 [304] Warehouse Automation in a Day: From Model to Implementation with Provable Guarantees

  Guy Scher*, Hadas Kress-Gazit

 [95] 3D-LIDAR Feature Based Localization for Autonomous Vehicles

  Pengfei Wei, Xiaonian Wang, Yafeng Guo*