August 20, Track 1 (1130 - 1300)

Chair: Prof. Congbo Li

Zoom Host: Mr. Yiji Cai

ThCT1: Advance in Sustainable Manufacturing Automation

 [175] Towards Lightweight Spindle of CNC Lathe Using Structural Optimization Design for Energy Saving

  Yan Lv, Congbo Li*, Ying (Gina) Tang, Xingzheng Chen, Xikun Zhao

 [265] Analysis of Harmonics Detection and their Filtration by using Active Band Pass Filter for Domestic Appliances

  Ehtisham Lodhi, Zeeshan Lodhi, Zhu Fenghua, gang xiong*, Feiyue Wang, Waheed ur Rehman, Tariku Sinshaw Tamir

 [269] Simulating Polyculture Farming to Tune Automation Policies for Plant Diversity and Precision Irrigation

  Yahav Avigal*, Jensen Gao, William Wong, Kevin Li, Grady Pierroz, Fang Shuo Deng, Mark Theis, Mark Presten, Ken Goldberg

 [200] An Internet of Things Architecture for Lab-scale Prototypes of Real-Time Simulation

  Giovanni Lugaresi, Vincenzo Valerio Alba, Andrea Matta*

 [368] Single Machine Scheduling with a Distributed Energy Resource and Energy Storage System

  Hyun-Jung Kim, Jun-Ho Lee*

 [60] A Performance Analysis Framework for Passive UHF RFID for Environmental Applications

  SUNDRA RAMIREDDY TATIPARTHI, Yashika Gregory De Costa, Zhuang Wei-Qin*, runyang zhong