August 20, Track 5 (1000 - 1130)

Chair: Prof. Fan-Tien Cheng

Zoom Host: Mr. Zhiyuan Ouyang

ThBT5: Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing

 [119] A demonstrative case study of minibus assembly under GiMS

  Nianzi Yang, Daqiang GUO, George Q. Huang

 [136] Pyramid LSTM auto-encoder for tool wear monitoring

  Hao Guo, Kunpeng Zhu

 [242] Causal Interaction Modeling on Ultra-Processed Food Manufacturing

  Giovanni Menegozzo*, Diego Dall'Alba, Paolo Fiorini

 [276] Automated Classification Scheme Plus AVM for Wafer Sawing Processes

  Yu-Ming Hsieh, Jung Lu, Jing-Wen Lu, Fan-Tien Cheng*, Muhammad Adnan

 [314] Computer Vision-enabled HCPS Assembly Workstations Swarm for Enhancing Responsiveness in Mass Customization

  Shiquan LING*,Daqiang GUO,Cheng Qian,Ao DI,Yiming Rong,George Q. Huang

 [372] Heuristics for a Multi-mode Resource Availability Cost Problem with Generalized Temporal Constraints in Aircraft Manufacturing¬†

  Jan Bierbuesse*, Lars Moench, Alexander Biele