August 20, Track 4 (1000 - 1130)

Chair: Dr.Zhenzhong Jia

Zoom Host: Mr. Mingxing Li

ThBT4: Optimization and Optimal Control

 [118] Contact Control of Ultrasonic Scanning Robot

  Yihang Tao, YONG LEI*, Wei Zheng, Siyuan Jiang

 [232] A Robust MPC Energy Scheduling Strategy for Multi-Carrier Microgrids

  Raffaele Carli, Graziana Cavone*, Tomas Pippia, Bart De Schutter, Mariagrazia Dotoli

 [241] Robust Active Post-Impact Motion Control for Restraining a Second Crash

  Ao DI, Xingqi Hua, GUOKUAN YU, Daqiang GUO, Zhenzhong Jia*

 [289] Model Predictive Control for Target Tracking in 3D with a Downward Facing Camera Equipped Fixed Wing Aerial Vehicle

  Pravin Mali, Arun Kumar Singh*, Madhava Krishna, Sujit PB

 [302] Intelligent Scheduling Methods for Challenges of Cluster Tools with Concurrent Processing of Multiple Wafer Types

  jinchao fu, Chunrong Pan*, Wenqing Xiong

 [91] Data-Driven Optimal Structured Control for Unknown Symmetric Systems

  Paolo Roberto Massenio*, Gianluca Rizzello, David Naso, Frank Lewis, Ali Davoudi