August 20, Track 2 (1000 - 1300)

Chair: Prof. Sunny Xu

Zoom Host: Miss Yufeng Gao

ThBT2 & ThCT2 Workshop 2 - Smart Logistics Management in GBA: Integration and Synchronization

 [1] When and how to share first-mile parcel collection service

  MS. Mandy Xin WANG

 [2] Digital twin-based opti-state control method for a synchronized production operation system

 Mr. Kai ZHANG

 [3] Synchronization in construction supply chain management

 Mr. Kai KANG

 [4] Optimal pricing for ferry service with a new entrant: The case of Zhuhai Islands

 Mr. Huibing CHENG

 [5] Modeling the outpatient care in a large-scale hospital: a view of efficiency

 Mr. Chengye ZOU

 [6] Demand-driven clustering for bike sharing systems

 Mr. Yijia WANG