August 20, Track 3 (0830 - 1000)

Chair: Miss. Aneseh Alvanpour

Zoom Host: Miss. Min Jiang

ThAT3: Machine Learning and Data Mining

 [154] An Optimization-Based Process Mining Approach for Explainable Classification of Timed Event Logs

  Hugo De Oliveira*, Vincent Augusto, Baptiste JOUANETON, Ludovic LAMARSALLE, Martin PRODEL, Xiaolan Xie

 [164] A Genetic Programming-Based Evolutionary Approach for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling with Multiple Process Plans

  Xuedong Zhu, Weihao Wang, Xinxing Guo, Leyuan Shi*

 [205] ACBI: An Alternating Clustering and Bayesian Inference Approach for Optimizing Medical Intervention Budget under Chance Constraints

  Chen HE*, Benjamin Dalmas, Xiaolan Xie

 [325] Robot Failure Mode Prediction with Explainable Machine Learning

  Aneseh Alvanpour*, Sumit Kumar Das, Christopher Robinson, Olfa Nasraoui, Dan Popa

 [395] Emergency Management of Processed Grain in China During the Period of COVID-19 Epidemic

  Fan Zhang, Jie Song*, Ziwei Wang, Rongjinzi Wang, yuwen Zheng,Tongyan Wang, Ziyang Wang

 [42] Automatic Classification of Heartbeats Using ECG Signals Via Higher Order Hidden Markov Model

  Yisha Xiang*, Ying Liao, Dongping Du