August 21, Track 5 (1530 - 1700)

Chair: Dr. Guangxin Jiang

Zoom Host: Mr. Wang Jie

FrET5: Machine Learning and Simulation

 [299] - an Open-Source ROS Based F1/10 Autonomous Racing Simulator¬†

  Varundev Suresh Babu*, Madhur Behl

 [393] Semi-supervised Transfer Learning for Steel Plate Defect Detection

 Chi Zhang, Xi Zhang*

 [381] Quantitative Analysis of Atomic Swap for Cryptocurrencies

  Guangxin Jiang, zini wang*

 [378] A Novel Neural Data Fusion Model for Condition Monitoring and Residual Life Prediction ¬†

 Guangxin Zhen Li, Jianguo Wu*, Yue Xiaowei

 [179] Online Computation Performance Analysis for Distributed Machine Learning Pipelines in Fog Manufacturing

  Lening Wang*, Yutong Zhang, Xiaoyu Chen, Ran Jin

 [387] A New Indifference-Zone-Free Procedure with Common First-Stage Sample Size for Selecting the Best

 Xuewen Li, Weiwei Fan*, Jun Luo