August 21, Track 4 (1530 - 1700)

Chair: Mr. Pascal Becker

Zoom Host: Mr. Liu Xinlai

FrET4: Automation for Manufacturing II

 [121] Automation of Post-Processing in Additive Manufacturing with Industrial Robots

  Pascal Becker*, Christian Eichmann, Arne Roennau, Rüdiger Dillmann

 [141] CobotGear: Interaction with Collaborative Robots Using Wearable Optical Motion Capturing Systems

  Juan Esteban Heredia Mena, Miguel Altamirano Cabrera*, Jonathan Tirado Rosero, Vladislav Panov, Dzmitry Tsetserukou

 [212] Compact Representation of Time-Index Job Shop Problems Using a Bit-Vector Formulation

  Sabino Francesco Roselli*, Kristofer Bengtsson, Knut Akesson

 [286] Study on Identifying GMAW Process Deviations by Means of Optical and Electrical Process Data Using ANN 

  Uwe Reisgen, Samuel Mann*, Lukas Oster, Gregor Gött, Rahul Sharma

 [316] Combining Force-Controlled Adaptive Feedrate and Human-Robot Collaborative Strategies to Handle Non-Repetitive Micro-Drilling Tasks

  Michael Wang, Siqin Dong, Parimal Prajapati, Oleksandr Kravchenko, Krishnanand N. Kaipa*

 [334] Comparing Position and Image-Based Visual Servoing for Robotic Assembly of Large Structures

  Yuan-Chih Peng*, Devavrat Ganesh Jivani, Richard Radke, John Wen