August 21, Track 2 (1530 - 1700)

Chair: Prof. Yijie Peng

Zoom Host: Mr. Ran Tao

FrET2: Simulation Analytics for Cyber Physical Systems II

 [169] Combining Adaptive Budget Allocation with Surrogate Methodology in Solving Continuous Scenario-Based Simulation Optimization

  Xiao Jin*, Yichi Shen, Haobin Li, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew, Christine Shoemaker

 [223] A 3D Simulation Environment and Navigation Approach for Robot Navigation Via Deep Reinforcement Learning in Dense Pedestrian Environment

  Qi Liu, Yanjie Li*, Lintao Liu

 [244] A System for Human-In-The-Loop Simulation of Industrial Collaborative Robot Applications

  Maximilian Metzner*, Daniel Utsch, Walter Matthias, Christian Hofstetter, Christina Ramer, Andreas Blank, Jörg Franke

 [279] Optimal Scheduling of Distributed Hydrogen-Based Multi-Energy Systems for Building Energy Cost and Carbon Emission Reduction

  Xiangxiang Dong, Yunhe Liu, Zhanbo Xu*, Jiang Wu, Jinhui Liu, Xiaohong Guan

 [317] A Simulation Framework for Service Loss of Power Networks under Extreme Weather Events: A Case of Puerto Rico

  Thomaz Carvalhaes, Alireza Inanlouganji, Esther Boyle, Petar Jevtic*, Giulia Pedrielli, Agami Reddy

 [371] Pricing and Calibration of Futures Options Market: A Unified Approximation

  Yingda Song*, Xiaotong Lian