August 21, Track 5 (1400 - 1530)

Chair: Prof. Houde Liu

Zoom Host: Mr. Wang Jie

FrDT5: Deep Learning in Robotics and Automation II

 [135] Deep Q-Learning for the Control of PLC-Based Automated Production Systems

  Jonas Zinn*, Birgit Vogel-Heuser, Paulina Ockier

 [140] Deep Learning for Early Damage Detection of Tailing Pipes Joints with a Robotic Device

  Levi Welington de Resende Filho, Andre Almeida Santos*, Hector Ignacio Azpurua, Gabriel Garcia, Gustavo Pessin

 [309] Bridging Visual Perception with Contextual Semantics for Understanding Robot Manipulation Tasks

  Chen Jiang*, Martin Jagersand

 [318] Orienting Novel 3D Objects Using Self-Supervised Learning of Rotation Transforms

  Shivin Devgon*,Jeffrey Ichnowski,Ashwin Balakrishna,Harry Haolun Zhang,Ken Goldberg

 [326] Robotic Grasping using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  Shirin Joshi*, Sulabh Kumra, Ferat Sahin

 [47] Grasp Quality Evaluation Network for Surface-To-Surface Contacts in Point Clouds

  Ruan jian, Houde Liu*, Anshun Xue, Xueqian Wang, Liang Bin