August 21, Track 4 (1400 - 1530)

Chair: Dr. Yixiang Liu

Zoom Host: Mr. Liu Xinlai

FrDT4: Service Robots

 [117] Human-Like Walking of a Biped Robot Actuated by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles and Springs

  YIXIANG LIU, Qing BI*, XiZhe Zang, Yibin Li

 [122] On the Evaluation of Force Feedback Augmented Teleoperation of Excavator-Like Mobile Manipulators

  Lucas Gonçalves, Paulo Alfredo Frota Rezeck, Matheus de Lima, Luan Gabriel Nunes, Gustavo Freitas*

 [129] ARNA, a Service Robot: System Overview and User Acceptability

  Shamsudeen Abubakar*, Sumit Kumar Das, Christopher Robinson, Mohammad Nasser Saadatzi, M Cynthia Logsdon, Heather D Mitchell, Diane Chlebowy, Dan Popa

 [270] Variable Autonomy of Whole-Body Control for Inspection and Intervention in Industrial Environments Using

  Guiyang Xin*, Carlo Tiseo, Wouter Wolfslag, Joshua Smith, Oguzhan Cebe, Zhibin Li, Sethu Vijayakumar, Michael Mistry

 [51] A New Classification for Wall Climbing Robots for Minerals, Oil and Gas Industries Assets Integrity Inspections Applications

  Ahmad HAJEER,Lei Chen*

 [74] Indoor Localization and Navigation Control Strategies for a Mobile Robot Designed to Inspect Confined Environments 

  Adriano Rezende, Gilmar Pereira da Cruz Júnior, Rafael Fernandes Gonçalves da Silva, Victor Ricardo Miranda, Héctor Ignacio Azpúrua, Gustavo Pessin, Gustavo Freitas*