August 21, Track 3 (1400 - 1530)

Chair: Ms. Kyra Wang

Zoom Host: Mr. Kai Kang

FrDT3: Computer Vision in Automation

 [17] Asymmetric Convolution Networks Based on Multi-Feature Fusion for Object Detection


 [186] Robotic Harvesting of Asparagus Using Machine Learning and Time-Of-Flight Imaging - Overview of Development and Field Trials¬†

  Matthew peebles, Josh Barnett, Mike Duke, Shen Hin Lim*

 [190] CoBe - Coded Beacons for Localization, Object Tracking and SLAM Augmentation¬†

  Roman Rabinovich*, Ibrahim Jubran, aaron wetzler, Ron Kimmel

 [320] One-Shot Shape-Based Amodal-To-Modal Instance Segmentation

  Andrew Li*, Michael Danielczuk, Ken Goldberg

 [337] Hybrid Frame-Event Solution for Vision-Based Grasp and Pose Detection of Objects

  Kyra Wang*, Sihan Yang, Deepesh Kumar, Nitish Thakor

 [41] Imagery Based Parametric Classification of Correct and Incorrect Motion for Push-Up Counter Using OpenPose¬†

  Hojun Park, Jang-Woon Baek, Jong-hwan Kim*