August 21, Track 1 (1400 - 1530)

Chair: Prof. Paolo Scarabaggio

Zoom Host: Mr. Zhiyi Huang

FrDT1: Foundations of Automation III

 [221] A Game-Theoretic Control Approach for the Optimal Energy Storage under Power Flow Constraints in Distribution Networks

  Paolo Scarabaggio*, Raffaele Carli, Mariagrazia Dotoli

 [235] Distributed and Synchronized Setup towards Real-Time Robotic Control Using ROS2 on Linux 

  Lennart Puck*, Philip Keller, Tristan Schnell, Carsten Plasberg, Atanas Tanev, Georg Heppner, Arne Roennau, Rüdiger Dillmann

 [343] Predictive Control-Oriented Models of a Domestic Air-To-Water Heat Pump under Variable Conditions

  Luca Ferrarini*, Soroush Rastegarpour, Lorenzo Caseri

 [5] Design of a Supervisor Platform for Movable Bridges

  Ferdie Reijnen*, Joanna Maria Van de Mortel-Fronczak, Michel Reniers, Jacobus E. Rooda

 [73] RepAtt: Achieving Swarm Coordination through Chemotaxis

  Simon Obute Obute*, Philip Kilby, Mehmet R Dogar, Jordan Hylke Boyle

 [97] Human Cyber-Physical Systems: A Skill-Based Correlation between Humans and Machines

  Emmanuel Flores*, Xun Xu, Yuqian Lu