August 21, Track 3 (1130 - 1300)

Chair: Mr. Wei Wu

Zoom Host: Miss. Min Jiang

FrCT3: Blockchain Technology in Industry

 [149] The Ecological Model and Global Optimization Algorithm for Service Internet

  Zhixuan Jia, Shuangxi Huang*

 [183] Blockchain Technology-Enabled Smart Product-Service System Lifecycle Management: A Conceptual Framework

  Zhou, Caibo Zhou, Caibo, Song, Wenyan Song, Wenyan*, Liu, Lingdi Liu, Lingdi, Niu, Zixuan Niu, Zixuan

 [220] A Framework for Personalized Production Based on Digital Twin, Blockchain and Additive Manufacturing in the Context of Industry 4.0

  Daqiang GUO*, Shiquan LING, Hao Li, Ao DI, Tongda Zhang, Yiming Rong, George Q. Huang

 [250] Industrial Blockchain of Things: A Solution for Trustless Industrial Data Sharing and Beyond

  Zheng Zhang, Liang Huang, Tao Peng*, renzhong Tang, Li-hang Guo, xingwei xiang

 [57] Integrating Security Evaluations into Virtual Commissioning

  Alexander Giehl*, Norbert Wiedermann, Makan Tayebi, Claudia Eckert

 [99] Experimental Investigation of a Real-Time Monitoring System for Cold Chain Logistics