August 21, Track 5 (1000 - 1130)

Chair: Prof Qingsong Xu

Zoom Host: Mr. Zhiyuan Ouyang

FrBT5: Mechanism Design & Mechatronics

 [103] Active Impact Motion for a Quadruped Robot

  Linlin Shang, Wei Wang*, Jianqiang Yi

 [189] Fast Performance Assessment of Mechatronic Designs Integrating CAD and Dynamical Models with Application on Servo Actuated Designs

  Thijs Van Hauwermeiren*, annelies coene, Guillaume Crevecoeur

 [321] Development and Testing of a Novel Automated Insect Capture Module for Sample Collection and Transfer

  Keran Ye, Gustavo Correa, Tom Guda Ogada, Hanzhe Teng, Anandasankar Ray, Konstantinos Karydis*

 [328] Origami-Based Shape Morphing Fingertip to Enhance Grasping Stability and Dexterity¬†

  Zicheng Kan*, Yazhan Zhang, Cho Hei PANG, Michael Yu Wang

 [44] Design of a Novel Surface-Bonded Type of Linear Ultrasonic Motor With Single-Phase Excitation

  Liang Wang, Xin Wang, Jens Twiefel, Jiamei Jin, Qingsong Xu*

 [49] Validation through a Digital Twin of a Stewart Platform with Irregular Geometry with 6 DOF for Simulation of a Transport Vehicle

  Freddy Alejandro Duque Camacho, Alvaro Mijael Quisilema Medrano, Luis Fernando Escobar Carvajal*