August 21, Track 3 (1000 - 1130)

Chair: Prof. Min-Hsiung Hung

Zoom Host: Miss. Min Jiang

FrBT3: Intelligent Supporting Systems and Technologies for Manufacturing Industry

 [157] 3D Hand Gesture Recognition for Drone Control in Unity¬†

  Chia-Chun Tsai, Chih-Chia Kuo, Yen-Lun Chen*

 [168] Machine Learning to Empower a Cyber Physical Machine Tool¬†

  Flynn Letford, Max Rogers, Xun Xu*, Yuqian Lu

 [203] A Novel Implementation Framework of Automatic Virtual Metrology Cloud Service Based on Container Technology for Manufacturing Industry

  Min-Hsiung Hung*, Yu-Chuan Lin, Chao-Chun Chen, Pei-Chen Lee, Benny Suryajaya, Fan-Tien Cheng

 [251] Study of the Usage Life for a Robotic Arm Based on Reducer Diagnosis

  Yung-Chou Kao, Sheng-Jhe Chen*, Feng-Jun Li

 [293] Anomaly Detection and Prediction in Discrete Manufacturing Based on Cooperative LSTM Networks

  Benjamin Lindemann*, Nasser Jazdi, Michael Weyrich

 [367] A Fast Model Creation Strategy for Deep Learning-Based Defect Inspection: A Case Study in Coffee Industry

  Tang-Hsuan O, Min-Hsiung Hung, Lin-Yi Jiang, Yu-Chuan Lin, Chao-Chun Chen*