August 21, Track 5 (0830 - 1000)

Chair: Dr. Zhang Yang

Zoom Host: Mr. Zhiyuan Ouyang

FrAT5: Automation at Micro-Nano Scales

 [123] Large-Workspace and High-Resolution Magnetic Microrobot Navigation Using Global-Local Path Planning and Eye-In-Hand Visual Servoing

  Lidong Yang,Li Zhang*

 [128] Design, Fabrication and Experimental Validation of a Steerable, Laser-Driven Microrobot in Dry Environments

  Zhong Yang*, Sri Sukanta Chowdhury, Ruoshi Zhang, Andriy Sherehiy, Danming Wei, Dan Popa

 [196] Informed Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Manipulating Multiple Micro Agents Using Global External Fields

  Xilin Li, Kaiyan Yu*

 [301] Efficient Temporal Logic Verification by Incremental Abstraction 

  Bengt Lennartson*, Xudong Liang, Mona Noori-Hosseini

 [324] One-Way Observation-Based Cooperative Robot Mapping

  Heoncheol Lee*

 [349] Photo-robotic Approach for High Accurate Micro-assembly Based on Pose and Force Models Control 

  Houari Bettahar*, Cédric Clévy, Nadège Courjal, Philippe LUTZ