August 21, Track 4 (0830 - 1000)

Chair: Prof. Yuming Zhang

Zoom Host: Mr. Mingxing Li

FrAT4: Intelligent Welding Manufacturing

 [105] Design and Closed Loop Control of a 3D Printed Soft Actuator

  Qinglei Ji, Xiran Zhang, Mo Chen, Xi Vincent Wang, Lihui Wang, Lei Feng*

 [240] Machine Hearing for Industrial Fault Diagnosis 

  Yu Zhang*, Miguel Martínez-García

 [261] Weak Scratch Detection of Optical Components Using Attention Fusion Network

  Xian Tao*, Dapeng Zhang, Avinash Kumar Singh, Mukesh Prasad, Chin-Teng Lin, De Xu

 [300] Auto-Calibrated 3D Hyperspectral Scanning Using a Heterogeneous Set of Cameras and Lights with Spectrally-Optimal Next-Best-View Planning

  Merrill Edmonds*, Tarik Yigit, Jingang Yi

 [33] Nonlinear Attitude Filter on SO(3): Fast Adaptation and Robustness

  Ajay Ludher,Trenton Sieb,James H. Howe,Hashim A. Hashim*

 [375] The Role Robot Plays in Virtual Reality Human-Robot Interactive Welding: Puppet, Assistant, and Collaborator

  Qiyue Wang, Peng Wang, Rui Yu, Yuming Zhang*