August 21, Track 3 (0830 - 1000)

Chair: Prof. Chao-Bo Yan

Zoom Host: Miss. Min Jiang

FrAT3: Data-driven Modeling, Analysis and Control of Advanced Manufacturing Systems

 [210] Grasp Area Detection of Unknown Objects Based on Deep Semantic Segmentation

  Patric Hopfgarten*, Paul Jonathan Dziedzitz, Bj√∂rn Hein

 [259] Parameter Identification for Multiple-Machine Bernoulli Lines Using Statistical Learning Methods

  Yuting Sun*, Liang Zhang

 [284] Estimation of Machine Parameters in Exponential Serial Lines Using Feedforward Neural Networks

  Jiachen Tu*, Tianyu Zhu, Yishu Bai, Liang Zhang

 [50] Workforce Allocation in Motorcycle Transmission Assembly Lines: A Case Study on Modeling, Analysis, and Improvement¬†

  Hang Ma, Hyo Kyung Lee, Zhongshun Shi, Jingshan Li*

 [65] Energy Consumption Optimization in Two-Machine Geometric Serial Lines

  Chao-Bo Yan*, Lingchen Liu

 [66] Transient Performance Evaluation of Flexible Production Lines With Two Bernoulli Machines and Dedicated Buffers

  Jingchuan Chen, Zhiyang Jia*, Longzhu Huang, Yaping Dai