August 21, Track 2 (0830 - 1000)

Chair: Prof. Xiaoou Li

Zoom Host: Miss Yufeng Gao

FrAT2: Computational Intelligence for Industry

 [150] An Improved Genetic Algorithm with Local Search for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Problem

  Ming Wang, Peng Zhang, Peng Zheng, Junjie He, Jie Zhang*, Jinsong Bao

 [160] Risk-Aware Energy Management of Extended Range Electric Delivery Vehicles with Implicit Quantile Network

  Pengyue Wang*, Yan Li, Shashi Shekhar, William Northrop

 [252] Active Learning of Signal Temporal Logic Specifications

  Alexis Linard*, Jana Tumova

 [255] A New Welding Path Planning Method Based on Point Cloud and Deep Learning

  Chuqiao Xu, Junliang Wang, Jie Zhang*, Chao Lu

 [292] Optimize Student Learning Via Random Forest-Based Adaptive Narrative Game

  Ryan Hare, Ying (Gina) Tang*

 [294] Discovering Emerging Patterns from Medical Opinions about the Decrease of Autopsies Performed in a Mexican Hospital

  Ingrid Aylin Ríos-Méndez, Lisbeth Rodríguez-Mazahua*, José Antonio Palet Guzmán, Isaac Machorro-Cano, Silvestre Gustavo Sergio Peláez-Camarena, Celia Romero-Torres, Hilarión Muñoz-Contreras