August 21, Track 1 (0830 - 1000)

Chair:Prof Hyun-Jung Kim

Zoom Host: Mr. Yiji Cai

FrAT1 RP: Batch Scheduling: Theory and Applications

 [170] Formulation and Methods for a Class of Two-Stage Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem with Batch Processor

  Runsen Wang, Yilan Shen, Weihao Wang, Leyuan Shi*

 [243] Distributed Task Assignment in Multi-Robot Systems Based on Information Utility

  Petra Mazdin*, Micha Barci, Hermann Hellwagner, Bernhard Rinner

 [322] Tightened Formulation and Resolution of Energy-Efficient Job-Shop Scheduling

  Bing Yan*, Mikhail Bragin, Peter Luh

 [323] Compact Belief State Representation for Task Planning

  Evgenii Safronov*, Michele Colledanchise, Lorenzo Natale

 [344] Ordinal-Optimization Concept Enabled Decomposition and Coordination of Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Problems

  Anbang LIU*, Peter Luh, Mikhail Bragin, Bing Yan

 [392] Scheduling Pressing Processes of Battery Manufacturing with a Genetic Algorithm

  Sang-Su Park, SangWook Lee, Hyun-Jung Kim*