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Best Paper Presentation

Zoom Meeting: IEEE CASE 2020 Award Paper Presentation

Award Chair: Professor Yu SUN

Each session is 15-min including 12-min presentation and 3-min Q&A.

Link: https://hku.zoom.us/j/96233221089

Meeting ID: 962 3322 1089

Date: 20:00-23:00, Aug. 19, (HKG Time Zone)

Best Conference Paper Award
Timeslot (HKG) Paper Number Title Authors
20:00 - 20:15 350 Long-Short Term Spatiotemporal Tensor Prediction for Passenger Flow Profile Ziyue Li, Hao Yan, Chen Zhang, Fugee Tsung
20:15 - 20:30 290 Haptic-guided shared control grasping for collision-free manipulation Parsa, Soran; Kamale, Disha; Mghames, Sariah; Nazari, Kiyanoush; Ghalamzan Esfahani, Amir Masoud
20:30 - 20:45 107 Crowd Counting with Spatial Normalization Network Xia, Pengcheng; Zhang, Dapeng

Best Application Paper Award
Timeslot (HKG) Paper Number Title Authors
20:45 - 21:00 139 An Unsupervised Clustering Approach for Detection of Changes in Daily Activity Routines Using Heatmaps and Auto-encoding Azefack, Cyriac; Augusto, Vincent; Bouvier, Remi; Gardin, Guillaume; Montuy Coquard, Claude; PHAN, Raksmey; Xie, Xiaolan
21:00 - 21:15 244 A system for human-in-the-loop simulation of industrial collaborative robot applications Metzner, Maximilian; Utsch, Daniel; Matthias, Walter; Hofstetter, Christian; Ramer, Christina; Blank, Andreas; Franke, Jörg
21:15 - 21:30 293 Anomaly detection and prediction in discrete manufacturing based on cooperative LSTM networks Lindemann, Benjamin; Jazdi, Nasser; Weyrich, Michael

Best Student Paper Award
Timeslot (HKG) Paper Number Title Authors
21:30 - 21:45 77 Online Ranking of Physicians with Perishable Resources Wen, Hanqi; Pan, Xin; Song, Jie
21:45 - 22:00 101 Bi-modal Traffic Management Integrating Perimeter Control and Regional Bus Service Frequency Setting Chen, SaiFei; Wu, Naiqi; Fu, Hui; Qiao, Yan; Wang, YeFei
22:00 - 22:15 123 Large-Workspace and High-Resolution Magnetic Microrobot Navigation Using Global-Local Path Planning and Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing Yang, Lidong; Zhang, Li
22:15 - 22:30 74 Indoor Localization and Navigation Control Strategies for a Mobile Robot Designed to Inspect Confined Environments Rezende, Adriano; Pereira da Cruz Júnior, Gilmar; Fernandes Gonçalves da Silva, Rafael; Miranda, Victor
22:30 - 22:45 269 Simulating Polyculture Farming to Learn Automation Policies for Plant Diversity and Precision Irrigation Avigal, Yahav; Gao, Jensen; Wong, William; Li, Kevin; Pierroz, Grady; Deng, Fang Shuo; Theis, Mark; Presten, Mark; Goldberg, Ken

Award Committees Discussion
Timeslot (HKG): 2245 - 2300