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Opportunities on internationalization

Study abroad opportunities

The Department encourages students to explore opportunities to join study abroad programmes which are related to their discipline or which can broaden their global outlook and learn to operate within multi-national settings in the future.  The programmes our students have participated in may range from intensive single courses involving two weeks abroad, international competition/research opportunities (e.g. summer studies at Peking University) to semester or year-long programmes (e.g. exchange studies).

Other international learning opportunities

Students of the IMSE Department are required to complete an Internship to fulfil their degree requirement. The Department encourages and supports students to do internships and/or work placements for their credit overseas. Furthermore, the Department also encourages students to take part in learning opportunities related to international and cultural exchanges with non-governmental organizations.

The Department is continuously expanding and enhancing the number and quality of student opportunities for meaningful international experiences linked to their curriculum. The Department has set up a new scholarship, i.e. the Quali-Smart Globalization Scholarship, to support students to seek for overseas internship opportunities. The Department also actively liaises with overseas industry partners to discuss the possibilities for collaboration in educational resources, internship/research opportunities and knowledge dissemination.

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